Friday, 7 December 2012


Well, the festive season is upon us and at Sugar and Ice of Shaw we have been as busy as usual, if not more so.

There have been various cakes, cupcakes and even a party or two :0)

So, to re-cap; here is what we have been up to.

This large 16 inch cake was designed completely by the customer.  The customer knew exactly what she wanted and was kind enough to sketch the design, which we simply copied.  The cake was delivered to an address in Chadderton a couple of weeks ago and the feedback we received was very positive :0)

We always make celebration cakes and cupcakes, but recently we had a "left-over" chocolate sponge and thought we would try to make a Black Forest Gateau! A family get-together had been arranged for Sunday 25th November and we thought it an excellent excuse to try this out.  We smothered the centre of the cake with Morello Cherries and Cherry jam topped with fresh whipped cream.  We piped fresh cream onto the top of the cake and decorated it with glace cherries and crumbled Cadbury's Flake chocolate.  The difference between this and a frozen gateau...well, there was no comparison and let's just say that this cake did not make it through the entire Sunday :0)

This 12 inch chocolate sponge cake was for a customer who had requested a 3D Waybuloo figure.  We had the figure holding a number 1 and decorated the cake with pastel shaded flowers and Waybuloo butterflies.  Perfect for any little girl :0)

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