Monday, 3 June 2013


Our next class will be held on:

Saturday 29th June - 10am until 12pm

Sunday 7th July - 12.15pm until 2pm

Both adults and children welcome

STILL ONLY £15 per person!

We shall be teaching the wonders of using sugar made to look like sand:

Also the amazing effect of piping gel which looks like water AND seashell moulds, not to mention other wonderful summer designs...

Call or text 07761 501214 to book your place!!!

Baby & Family Face Cupcake Class

Our class held on Saturday 1st June proved very popular and we had a full studio.  Ages ranged from 8 years right through to adults of 40+!! As always, we showcased buttercream piping before moving on to making our baby faces.  We then taught how to use a "grass nozzle" to pipe hair onto children's face designs.


A girls face cupcake

Using a 3D mould

A new class member completes her designs
 These cupcakes were made my a new class member aged only 14...
just goes to prove that any age, any experience can come along
 and have fun!