Friday, 11 July 2014


It is with regret that effective from 7th July 2014, our business is closed.

Regular customers, please contact me on 07761 501214 or via Facebook.

There are no outstanding orders or any business transactions which require completing.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported Sugar and Ice of Shaw (2011-2014)

~ Joanne Godfrey

Sunday, 22 June 2014



Ever wondered WHAT to buy for your son or daughter's teacher?  Everyone seems to buy teachers flowers, plants, chocolates, wine...BORING!! What IF you presented your special teacher with a box of professionally made cupcakes made by...YOU!!

What an incredibly personal and original gift idea and your children would be so proud that Mum made the teacher a special box of cupcakes...

Plus it's SO easy!! No experience necessary and ALL welcome! Even your children themselves can attend, providing they are aged 9 or over :-)

Come and have some fun! The price is STILL only £15 for a 2 hour class and 6 delicious cupcakes...

Call or text 07761 501214 to book your place!

Sunday, 20 April 2014






Along with our CUPCAKE CLASSES and CHILDREN'S PARTIES held at our studio in Shaw town centre, we are now offering CAKE TOPPER CLASSES!
Ever wanted to know how the professionals make gorgeous BRIDE & GROOM toppers?  Or how about cute babies and teddy bears for CHRISTENINGS?  You might even just be interested in more fun toppers such as Easter Chicks, Christmas Penguins or Halloween Zombies... Whatever it is you would like to make, we will have a class for you.  Whether it is to inspire you to become a professional cake decorator or just to have some fun, our classes are perfect for everyone!
Our CAKE TOPPER CLASSES will be held every 4-8 weeks and will be themed differently every time.  Customers can bring their own iced cakes, or take advantage of our iced boards which will directly accommodate your topper.  We will supply all the ingredients and tools, you just simply turn up!! Our classes will start from just £15 for a 2 hour class!
Find us on Facebook at for more info, OR just keep watching our blog for future dates!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014




Ever fancied making a Minion Cupcake?
Or Cookie Monster?

Our next classes are all about Children's Characters... Ideal for making at home for birthdays and celebrations, we will take you step-by-step through the designs and show you just how easy the characters are to recreate at home!

No experience necessary, even children aged 10+ are welcome on these sessions.

You will receive 6 cupcakes to decorate and keep within our 2 hour class.  Our classes are so much fun, we guarantee a great morning out :-)

We will be re-creating:
Cookie Monster
Minnie Mouse
Angry Birds
Hello Kitty

So what are you waiting for?

Still only £15 per person!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Advertising our NEXT Cupcake Classes for EASTER!

As we go to press, our Saturday 19th April class is FULLY BOOKED!
However, we still have availability for Saturday 12th April :-)
Simply click on the advert below for more info

To book, please call or text me on 07761 501214.
A ticket must be purchased to attend.
Hope to see you soon!!

Sunday, 9 March 2014



As you may be aware, we have always offered Children's Cupcake Parties in the comfort of your own home.  With effect from March 2014, we are now able to offer them in our Cupcake Studio at Regina Lucia's Coffee Shop & Ice Cream Parlour in Shaw town centre!

So, you can now choose whether you want me to come to you OR you to come to me!!  No matter what, we can discuss the details and create a party which is ideal for your budget and your little ones.



Based on your requirements, we can offer a basic party (without the Cupcake Class) for just £10pp! The party would be held in the shop and can be booked directly at Regina Lucia's.  You don't need to book with us.  All ages welcome. This package includes:

Welcome Drink
Selection of Sandwiches (tuna, ham, cheese, chicken)
Hot Dogs
Crisps and Cakes
"Create Your Own" Ice-Cream Sundae


Our in-studio Cupcake Party caters for children aged 5-15 and is just £15 per person.  However, for just £17 per person we can include a Welcome Drink when your party arrives and an Ice-Cream or Slush when they depart.  The children receive a box of 6 cupcakes to decorate and keep within our 2 hour class. 
£15 PER PERSON (with no refreshments)
£17 PER PERSON (with a drink, ice-cream or slush)


If you would like the option of food for your party, for just £20 per person, we can offer a Welcome Drink and Hot Dog/Sandwich when your guests arrive.  After the Cupcake Class, the children will also be offered an ice-cream or slush when they leave. You can also have the Basic Party package teamed with the Cupcake Party for just £25 per person... You decide depending on your budget! The children receive a box of 6 cupcakes to decorate and keep within our 2 hour class. 
£20 PER PERSON including Drink, Hot Dog/Sandwich, Ice-Cream or Slush


to "Bring Your Own" Celebration Cake and Party Bags

we can provide Party Bags and even a Party Character Mascot
Just ask us for a quote

*Please note that we require a minimum of 2 adults to stay and supervise the children at all times. Thank you.

For more information, please contact me on 07761 501214 or via email

You can also find us on Facebook

*NEW* Tiny Tots Cupcake Parties!

We are now able to offer TINY TOTS CUPCAKE PARTIES for ages 3 - 5 in the comfort of your own home!!

These parties are slightly different than our Children's Cupcake Parties as we are catering for a younger age group.

We felt that a 2 hour class would be too long for little ones, so these classes last just 1 hour.  We also felt that using small sprinkles wouldn't be such a good idea, so instead bring sweets to decorate the cupcakes! We bring smarties, jelly tots, haribo, jelly beans etc; the children love seeing all their favourite sweets in little dishes on the table.  Finally, instead of using cutters and embossers with our sugarpaste, we bring moulds so that the children can easily press the sugarpaste into the mould to make fabulous 3D shapes such as dinosaurs etc.

We arrive and cover your table with our premium quality tablecloth and place-mats.  We have tiny disposable aprons for the children and ensure hand sanitiser is passed around.  Each child is given a box of 6 undecorated "just baked" cupcakes.

To avoid undue mess and "accidents" we ask the children to take just  3 cupcakes out of their boxes.  We then assist the children in piping buttercream.

Once this has been done, the children are left to get creative using all the sweeties!

It is so rewarding to observe them concentrating and enjoying decorating the cupcakes.

The children feel so proud of their achievements and this process helps them with hand/eye co-ordination, creativity and captures their imagination.

Once the 3 cupcakes have been decorated, we ask the children to take the final 3 out of the box, assisting them to place the completed ones into the box for safe-keeping. 

Finally, before the children decorate their last cupcakes with sweeties, we unleash the moulds and coloured sugarpaste! All the children take turns to push the sugarpaste into the mould to create some amazing 3D animals and characters.  We also assist them to use a simple Teddy Bear cutter, so they get the chance to use 2 different cake decorating tools.

Once the children have finished decorating their cupcakes, we help to carefully box them up.  Aprons are removed and Achievement Certificates are handed to each child.  The birthday girl or boy also receives a card and gift.

As you can see from my photographs, there are BOYS as well as girls at the party.  In my experience with children, ages 3-8 especially, boys enjoy the experience just as much as girls.

You will also notice that there isn't any mess! Because the children are shy and we are using sweets not sprinkles, there simply isn't any mess at all.  I still ensure everything is wiped clean and that the customer is happy with their kitchen or dining room before leaving.

Our TINY TOTS CUPCAKE PARTIES start from ONLY £50! You can call me or text me on 07761 501214 for further details or email me on

Don't forget to find us on Facebook at