GLUTEN FREE cupcakes
We can offer gluten-free in a variety of styles and flavours

Celebrity Cupcakes
From Lady Gaga to Karl Pilkington, any celebrity, Film or cartoon
can be re-created for any fan

Lady Gaga


An Idiot Abroad


 Thomas the Tank Engine


 Dora The Explorer

 Moshi Monsters

 Baby Jake

In the Night Garden


Theme Parks

Only Fools and Horses

 Coronation Street

Dirty Dancing



Minnie Mouse
Disney Princess 
Angry Birds
Baby Shower & Christening Cupcakes
For all expecting Mum's out there,
 why not arrange a beautiful Baby Shower?
We can create an amazing cupcake display for your party
and if you don't know the sex of your baby,
it doesn't matter as ivory and lemon
look incredible in these designs :0)


Cupcakes for Boys
We can offer cupcakes for Fathers, Sons, Uncles and Grandad's
and make them look masculine.  We can feature their hobbies and interests
or just keep them simple with stars and sprinkles.

Stars and Sprinkles




University Life


Cupcakes for Ladies
If you are looking for buttercream swirls on all the cupcakes (like below)
the price would be £24 for 12.
We also offer boxes of 6 cupcakes which start from just £10.


Cupcakes for Girls
We can offer all colours and designs.  We can make them girly and glitzy.
We discuss every order with the customer
to make sure the cakes are as individual and unique as possible :0)

Hello Kitty

Hearts and Flowers

Minnie Mouse

Peppa Pig

Doc Martens

Ice Skates
Fairytale Princess
Themed Cupcakes
You can place an order for absolutely ANYTHING, which is why these 
cupcakes are so different and would make any recipient thrilled.



Special birthdays
We can design cupcakes for any special birthday; 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th...


Garden Parties, BBQ's and general get-togethers - we can cater for everything!



Hen Nights/Anniversaries and Valentines Day
These cupcakes are an example of what we can provide.
Prices start from £2 per cupcake for special celebrations.



We can offer various flavours "as is" or with a design


Cherry Bakewell

Orange & Lemon

Vanilla Snowberry

Chocolate Orange

Orange and Cranberry