Monday, 8 October 2012

It's all about PINK!

Yes, it is all about PINK for October for Breast Cancer Awareness - so please wear your ribbons and badges, but most of all make a donation or sponsor someone for this important cause.

We have been all about pink for a different reason this week! We had an order for a Christening.  Our customer asked us for a "Harrison" Cake (we like giving them names now, lol) but in pink, for her daughter Lacee.  Not only that, but the customer wanted 24 of our special baby cupcakes to go with it! This was a large order so we were fortunate not to have any other bookings this week!

We made the Christening cake on Thursday and made the cupcakes on Friday. The order was collected on Sunday morning and the customer was very happy we are pleased to say :0)

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