Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just to say thanks...

One of our old school friends who we found on Facebook has kindly always supported Sugar and Ice of Shaw, even whilst living 10 miles away in Stalybridge.

Recently, he was "out of action" for some considerable time after having foot/leg surgery.  This meant that his wonderful wife had to help him out with many everyday tasks!

After his long recovery, he sent us an email asking if we could make his wife a "thank you" cake.  No problem! The customer only needed a small 8 inch cake with the words "Thank you for everything, love Michael" - he also requested some arms hugging.

We baked the cake fresh as always, and covered it in a bright turquoise blue colour as we wanted the cake to be a little different.  We thought bright pink would look really striking against the base colour and instead of arms hugging, thought 2 cute teddies hugging may look better. Cheeky, aren't we!! Finally, we added some pink blossoms around the base of the cake.

The cake was delivered to Stalybridge today and we got to watch the customer hand over the special gift.  His wife was really touched by the gesture and just a few hours later we received a message to say that it was very tasty too! LOL!

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