Thursday, 31 May 2012

Our FIRST Birthday!

On Tuesday 29th May it was officially our first birthday.  However, we are closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so had to wait until yesterday to celebrate!

Two weeks ago, we sent Facebook Event Invitations to our customers and also sent notifications regarding our forthcoming 1st Birthday.  We decided to hold an informal event at Sugar and Ice of Shaw offering free delicious cupcakes, fresh filter coffee, tea and even Bucks Fizz and Champagne! The event was 11am-3pm.

First of all, we needed to prepare! We printed posters, bought balloons in our brand colours and on Tuesday evening at 8pm baked some vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes.

Our front door complete with decorations

The next morning, we decorated our home with balloons, posters and made a feature table to hold the cupcake display, business cards and postcards...not to mention the Bucks Fizz and Champagne!  We also put our marketing video on the television and scrolled a slideshow of our cake photographs on the ipad.

 Our living room ready for our customers

 We also had a slideshow of our cakes on display

Our vanilla, strawberry and chocolate cupcakes all decorated
in our branded colours

Our final customers of the day leave with the remaining cupcakes
 in gift bags

 Customer cards :0)

We are delighted to say that from 11am until 4pm, we happily greeted a number of regular customers.  The event was a total success and we would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL our customers, supporters and fans who have not only visited us in person, but virtually through Facebook, placed orders or just made enquiries... without YOU we are nothing.  

Thank you for everything!!

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